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Smoking on the beach  9

Sitting on a beach, spreading my legs, so You can see my pussy, smoking a cigarette...

Nude bakery

NudeChrissy6:01 minutesNudist
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Watch me baking a cake. I do that completly nude !

Jeep-trip Zakynthos 2015 0
Jeep-trip Zakynthos 2015 1
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Jeep-trip Zakynthos 2015 8
Jeep-trip Zakynthos 2015 9

I rented a red jeep again and cruised with the car during my Zakynthos-holidays. Most time I did it completly nude....

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In spring time every woman wants flowers in her garden. Also I do. In my house and around it, in my garden I am always nude when temperatures are good. So I have much fun to plant the flowers without any clothes

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Just nude to the airport 0
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I started my summer-Holidays for this year last week. My suitcase was very small this time. For a Nudist-Holiday I need no clothes. Even during my flight I only put a coat on, so when I arrived I can start at once. I have taken some photos of my adventures at the Airport without clothes.