Two girls at the nudist-bar 0
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Chris and another lady are sitting at the nudist bar. Of course they are completly nude. Watch the two beautiful ladies talking to eachother naked..

the photographer

NudeChrissy5:57 minutesAmateur
the photographer 0
the photographer 1
the photographer 2
the photographer 3
the photographer 4
the photographer 5
the photographer 6
the photographer 7
the photographer 8
the photographer 9

the photographer - Chris asked a friend to took new pics for her profile on TAC-website. But already after the first pics, when Chris put off her panty, the photographer had only eyes for Chris´big titts and her pussy. The photo-session turns into a sex-lesson..

the wanker

NudeChrissy9:14 minutesAmateur
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Three girls are sitting on the sofa and playing with her pussy. The young man may watch her and wank his cock until he sprays his sperm all over the girls

Fucking the craftsman

NudeChrissy12:06 minutesAmateur
Fucking the craftsman 0
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Chris and her girl-friend have a problem with the washing-machine. They call a craftsman. When he arrived the two women are very surprised. The craftsman is a very good looking man. The poor man has no time for the washing machine, he has to repair other holes....


Nude tennis

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Nude tennis 0
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Nude tennis 3

During her holidays Chris tries to play tennis without clothes

Chris, the nude waitress 0
Chris, the nude waitress 1
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Chris, the nude waitress 3
Chris, the nude waitress 4
Chris, the nude waitress 5
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Sometimes Chris has to work as a waitress in this restaurant. There is a special service : after 10 pm the waitress serves nude...
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Wrapped with cling film 0
Wrapped with cling film 1
Wrapped with cling film 2
Wrapped with cling film 3
Wrapped with cling film 4
Wrapped with cling film 5
Wrapped with cling film 6
Wrapped with cling film 7
Wrapped with cling film 8
Wrapped with cling film 9

Two guy used this film and wrapped Chris. Only head and pussy was open. When she could not move, they “used” her...

Pussy-licking in the sun 0
Pussy-licking in the sun 1
Pussy-licking in the sun 2
Pussy-licking in the sun 3
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Pussy-licking in the sun 5
Pussy-licking in the sun 6
Pussy-licking in the sun 7
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Chris and her friend take a sunbath. The guy appears suddenly and begins to lick her pussys.

Fucked by 3 men

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Fucked by 3 men 0
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I was in this swingers club. My companion suggested that I should sit on the swing. What I did not know was that he had asked two other men to fuck me. One by one they have put their cocks into my pussy and cum whore me.

Chris inside the men´s toilet 0
Chris inside the men´s toilet 1
Chris inside the men´s toilet 2
Chris inside the men´s toilet 3
Chris inside the men´s toilet 4
Chris inside the men´s toilet 5
Chris inside the men´s toilet 6
Chris inside the men´s toilet 7
Chris inside the men´s toilet 8
Chris inside the men´s toilet 9

the men´s toilet - Chris used the men´s toilet, because she took the wrong door. A strange man put her, moved up her skirt and fucked her from behind...

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